a basic stupid splashscreen question

kee nethery kee at kagi.com
Tue Jan 4 00:29:42 EST 2005

On Jan 3, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Bob-
> Monday, January 3, 2005, 3:38:25 PM, you wrote:
> BH> OK I have a main stack bob and a substack antibodies that I am 
> cloning for
> BH> entering data. I have a button with this on it
> BH> on mouseUp
> BH>    clone stack "Master Database"
> BH> set the name of it to "Antibodies"
> BH> set the mainStack of stack "Antibodies" to "Antibodies"
> BH> end mouseUp
> BH> This a mainstack that is visible in the application browser.
> BH> When I compile the app can the user save this file with data in it?
> Select "Move substacks into individual stackfiles" from the Standalone
> Application Settings. Then you shouldn't need the clone command. I
> usually use a splashscreen stack that does no more than launch a
> substack, which is the main application. The substack is in a separate
> file, which makes it safe to edit as far as the OS is concerned.

So in the folder containing the main spash screen stack, when the user 
first installs this bundle of joy, they will have A) one App and one 
stack or B) they will have just one App and no loose stacks sitting 
around. Then when they launch the App, it will find 1) the App in the 
same folder or 2) it will save the stack off to the same folder, or 3) 
it will save it somewhere else and then save a preferences file 
someplace to tell it where it put the data stack? This extra data stack 
is I) your stack that has all the actual code in it that does what the 
App does or it II) just contains data and the splash screen App has the 
actual code in it?

Kee Nethery,
(Also not clear on the concept)

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