preOpenCard finishing before preOpenStack?

Dar Scott dsc at
Sun Jan 2 17:17:44 EST 2005

On Jan 2, 2005, at 7:27 AM, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> The first object that uses this sent-data is a field on the second 
> card.
> However, even after the five or so seconds taken up by the splashcreen 
> on
> the first card, that field is opening up empty. Having confirmed that 
> the
> globals were in fact loaded,all I can conclude is that the data is 
> arriving
> after that second card has already opened.

Note that preOpenCard and openCard are not inserted into 
pendingMessages but are called directly as part of the go.

I'm guessing that you have a wait that does not allow messages to time 
the splashscreen and then a go to the second card.  This hogs the 
execution, so the sockets messages are stuck in the pending messages 
until that all finishes.  (I guess that means that I'm also guessing 
that you use messages in using sockets.)  That means until after the 
open messages for the second card.

One approach is to have the sockets messages explicitly set the field 
on the second card by qualifying the field reference with the card.

If that shows a flicker when the second card open, then you might want 
to wait with messages for your delay or insert a wait for messages 
right after it.  An alternate is to use send in time to transition to 
the second card.

All this is based on my wild guesses above.


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