Judy Perry jperryl at
Sun Jan 2 16:01:41 EST 2005

>From a long-time noob:

You can do it using a single card.  You can then selectively hide/show the
objects per tab pane using a mouseUp handler for the tabbed panel in which
you check for the selectedText of the tab button.  From there, you can use
either case statements or the if-then construct to display/hide the
appropriate panel stuff.

Something along the lines of:

on mouseUp -- of the tabbed button set
  if the selectedText of me is "Tab1" then --checks for active tab
    hide image|field "myImageName"|"myFieldName" --hides unwanted stuff
    show image|field "myImageName"|"myFieldName" --shows wanted stuff
  end if
  --... repeat until you've checked for all tabs
end mouseUp

At least, that's how I think I've done it in the past @;-)



On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, docmann wrote:

> Hello Robert, from one noob to another. :)
> I'm not sure if what you want can be done using only one card, but it
> can be easily done using a card for each tab. Basically, you make your
> tab control act as a background object so it displays on each card and
> then script the tab control to open to the correct card.

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