changing object's location causing long delays

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at
Sun Jan 2 01:42:46 EST 2005

> No, I mean add a button to your standalone that says:
>   on mouseUp
>     choose pointer tool
>   end mouseUp

Oh. I didn't know objects could be moved even on a standalone. Wow!

Ok, I added that button and built a distribution. However, relocating an
object using the pointer-tool is still as slow on the standalone as when on
the IDE.

> Is the inspector palette open?

Alright, let me try that...

No luck. I closed the Properties palettes and the Application Browser, but
still there's a long pause as soon as I release an object that has been just
relocated with the pointer tool.

Is there a way of trapping Rev events themselves so I can see what's
happening in the background immediately after I release an object?

What continues to especially baffle me is not understanding why the object
post-movement delay doesn't also occur after I use the keyboard-arrows.

Oh well. Thanks.

Nicolas Cueto

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