Using QT Transitions

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at
Sat Jan 1 14:50:00 EST 2005

>Okay, but wouldn't that bring up a dialog box for the user of my stack? 
>  I would like Card A to gradient wipe to Card B without asking the 
>user.  I'm still not getting it.

>Mark G.

You don't have to put the "answer effect" in your script that runs every time. Just put it in the message box, because it only needs to be run once. 

>answer effect
>if it is not empty then set the myCustomEffect of this stack to it

Once you have the effect data, it can be placed in a custom property and can be retrieved w/o having to use "answer effect." No one needs to see the dialog again, the data is stored in myCustomEffect. 
Then, put this into the script you want. 

>visual effect (the myCustomEffect of this stack)
>go card "My Card"


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