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Bob Hartley rev at
Sun Dec 26 18:13:55 EST 2004

Hi Again Ken and others

I meant to say that if I can get this one thing done I will be able to get 
on with my app. It is just the one thing I need at the moment.
I like to test concepts in a modular way before diving in to the ful app.#

Bob; Scotland

> >   In the documentation there is a command to alter the size of something
> > but this is a defined size. I want the user to be able to create and
> > arbitrary size of their own choosing but I cannot see the command.
> >
> > this will be called y pressing the alt or other key.
> > I was think ing of something like this
> >
> > on mouseDown
> >     if the altKey is down then
> >       resize me
> >       end if
> > end mouseDown
>Happy Christmas, Bob!
>Try this:
>on mouseStillDown
>   if the altKey is down then
>     put the rect of me into tRect
>     put the mouseH into item 3 of tRect
>     put the mouseV into item 4 of tRect
>     set the rect of me to tRect
>   end if
>end mouseStillDown
>This is kind of crude (i.e. it doesn't take into account the different in
>offset from the bottom-right of the field and the location of the mouse),
>but you get the idea.
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