Standalone cuts off stack

Martin Baxter martin at
Mon Dec 20 17:56:32 EST 2004

>I have a bug report in about this, but it would be helpful if anyone
>knew the answer while I wait for it to be addressed.
>I have a stack with a menubar. When I try to build a standalone from it,
>the bottom of the stack is cut off by the height of the menubar. This
>does not happen if I build in MetaCard, so the problem is apparently
>with the distribution builder.
>I have added a command line in a preopenstack handler to reset the stack
>size, but that doesn't work either. The stack consistently displays with
>the bottom edge missing. There are no scripts in the standalone that set
>the stack dimensions otherwise.
>Anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? For now, I am building in
>Jacqueline Landman Gay

Another bug report to add to all the others :-)

I have seen this ad nauseam with substacks that have menubars on Mac, and
it is a problem that has come up periodically on this list. Is your problem
with a substack or a mainstack? I have never seen this happen to a

If it's the same old problem I'm thinking of. There are some workarounds,
but I don't think anyone has ever pinpointed the cause.

I'm not sure about other people's workarounds but I think I've read in this
list that some people hide the menubar or else put it physically in another
stack or something.

My workaround is more involved, but does work.
It involves prepping the stacks before build by opening all stacks at once,
setting the heights, saving, closing. (I then quit, relaunch and build but
that may not be relevant)

Martin Baxter

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