Applescript error?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Dec 19 17:45:43 EST 2004

> New to Revolution. May be a convert from HyperCard :-) Playing with 
> the 30 day demo.
Welcome to the gang! Keep asking questions so you can get the most out 
of the 30 days.
> 1) I have a button in my HyperCard stack -with a Hypertalk script- 
> which has as its content a small applescript. So "do me as 
> applescript" in the Hypertalk script executes. Where is the best place 
> to put this snippet of applescript in my Rev Stack? Or, even better 
> than compiling it again everytime, is there a better way to do this?
Custom properties or a field which you can hide once you have it 
working perfectly. I always recommend that all AppleScripts be tested 
in the AppleScript Editor first, with faked variables if necessary, 
then transferred into Rev.
> 2) A question too about overhead. This is a small stack I want to run, 
> basically one card that requests to a network and an applescript to 
> send stuff to iCal. If I buy Dreamcard, I need to run it to access the 
> stack. Upgrading to the Studio edition will allow me to build 
> standalones... and it will just be stuff I'm running on this Mac, 
> perhaps three or so stacks concurrently, OSX dual USB iBook. What is 
> going to be the best use of Memory?
DreamCard has to include all of the libraries but may not load them 
into memory. A standalone will only include the required libraries i.e. 
if you don't print, it won't have the printing library. This may make a 
small difference in memory usage. Revolution loves LOTS of RAM, so if 
you can, get more :-)
> 3) :-) I have had Rev quit a couple of times developing this little 
> stack, as Rev pages in and out of RAM, I think. Maybe it's the calls 
> to the applescript, which seem to launch HyperCard in Classic. So I 
> need to get that applescript up to where I can deal with it.
Again, more RAM would probably help, as would not having Classic 
> 4) And the 'request from server' gives me back a -1701 error , which 
> is an AppleEvent thing, I think.
Are you requesting data from a program running on a remote machine? 
That won't work because Rev doesn't support the "eppc://" addressing 
scheme that remote AppleEvents use. From the "WhatsNew.txt" file:
Issue:  The "send to program" command does not yet support the new 
"eppc:' URL
scheme that OS X uses for system addresses. This means that on OS X, 
you can use
the "send to program" command to send Apple Events to programs on the 
same system,
but not to other systems.
Workaround:  Use sockets to communicate between systems.

> 5) and I forget because I was interrupted by my daughter... hmmmm.... 
> you can't help me with that :-)
No, sorry - I've never used the "daughter" module, only the "son".

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