Applescript error?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Dec 17 11:22:29 EST 2004

On 12/17/04 7:45 AM, doug rogers wrote:

>> New to Revolution. May be a convert from HyperCard :-) Playing with 
>> the 30 day demo.

I think you'll be happy. After an initial unlearning curve -- you have 
to forget a few HC-specific behaviors and reorganize your brain around 
some others -- you will be amazed at what this engine can do.

>> 3) :-) I have had Rev quit a couple of times developing this little 
>> stack, as Rev pages in and out of RAM, I think. Maybe it's the calls 
>> to the applescript, which seem to launch HyperCard in Classic. So I 
>> need to get that applescript up to where I can deal with it.

There are some issues if you imported your original HC stack. Crashes 
are often because the stack wasn't compacted well enough in HC before 
the import. Try going back to HC, and compact three times in a row, 
doing nothing else in between. Then bring the stack into Rev. I can't 
tell you how important this is. Stacks that crashed for me intially 
behaved fine after I did a triple-compact in HC first.

If the problem still occurs, try setting the hcAddressing of the stack 
to false. This turns off the HC-specific object referencing 
requirements, but also seems to help in some other ways. I'm not sure why.

Make sure you save the stack to disk immediately after bringing it into 
Rev. That seems to help too.

>> 5) and I forget because I was interrupted by my daughter... hmmmm.... 
>> you can't help me with that :-) Oh! MIDI! I have another stack which I 
>> would like to work on which depends on an xcmd (XCMD?) which does a 
>> call to Quicktime to export out a MIDI file. Anyone working on this 
>> kind of stuff?

If your XCMD doesn't work, you might try just issuing AppleScript 
commands to QuickTime Player. I haven't looked, but I suspect Player 
would support this sort of thing.

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