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On Dec 17, 2004, at 8:45 AM, doug rogers wrote:

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>> Date: December 16, 2004 8:38:15 PM EST
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>> New to Revolution. May be a convert from HyperCard :-) Playing with 
>> the 30 day demo.
>> 1) I have a button in my HyperCard stack -with a Hypertalk script- 
>> which has as its content a small applescript. So "do me as 
>> applescript" in the Hypertalk script executes. Where is the best 
>> place to put this snippet of applescript in my Rev Stack? Or, even 
>> better than compiling it again everytime, is there a better way to do 
>> this?
>> 2) A question too about overhead. This is a small stack I want to 
>> run, basically one card that requests to a network and an applescript 
>> to send stuff to iCal. If I buy Dreamcard, I need to run it to access 
>> the stack. Upgrading to the Studio edition will allow me to build 
>> standalones... and it will just be stuff I'm running on this Mac, 
>> perhaps three or so stacks concurrently, OSX dual USB iBook. What is 
>> going to be the best use of Memory?
>> 3) :-) I have had Rev quit a couple of times developing this little 
>> stack, as Rev pages in and out of RAM, I think. Maybe it's the calls 
>> to the applescript, which seem to launch HyperCard in Classic. So I 
>> need to get that applescript up to where I can deal with it.
>> 4) And the 'request from server' gives me back a -1701 error , which 
>> is an AppleEvent thing, I think.
>> 5) and I forget because I was interrupted by my daughter... hmmmm.... 
>> you can't help me with that :-) Oh! MIDI! I have another stack which 
>> I would like to work on which depends on an xcmd (XCMD?) which does a 
>> call to Quicktime to export out a MIDI file. Anyone working on this 
>> kind of stuff?

You may want to check out the Enhanced QuickTime External at -- not sure if 
that will have what you want, but it's probably worth a look.

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