No mouseUp

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Dec 14 17:19:35 EST 2004

>>> I have the following script in a List field and the mouseUp handler
>>> doesn't work!  I noticed that it is the "set the dragData" line in 
>>> the
>>> mouseDown that disables the mouseUp.  Can someone please tell me
>>> what's going on and how I can keep the mouseUp?
>>> on mouseDown
>>>   get the hilitedLines of me
>>>   set the dragData to line it of me
>>> end mouseDown
>>> on mouseUp
>>>   beep 2
>>> end mouseUp
>> Hi Roger,
>> I would guess that because you have started a drag operation, mouseUp
>> is not going to happen. Try looking for a dragEnd message instead.
>> Sarah
> Hello Sarah,
> Thanks for responding.  Unfortunately, dragEnd does not work.  I also 
> tried dragLeave and it works OK as a replacement for mouseUp.  but it 
> also works when in the process of dragging as you would expect.  I 
> really need to work this out as my app requires both drag and drop and 
> mouseUp events.  Any other suggestions or work-around?
> Thanks very much, Roger
The only other suggestion I have is to have multiple dragDrop routines: 
one in the original button so if the user effectively cancels the drag 
by letting the mouse go on that button, you can handle it as if it was 
mouseUp. Then in the stack or card or destination object, have another 
dragDrop that actually deals with the dropped data.


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