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You may also want to look at the "zip" and "unzip" command-line 

Also, "gzip" and "gunzip" are more common in the UNIX world; however, 
these compress single files only, they will not grab an entire folder, 
such as a bundle.  To do that, you use gzip/gunzip in combination with 
"tar", which is an archiving tool.

To compress/create an archive:

tar cfz <archive-name>.tgz <input-file(s)>

To decompress/extract an archive into the current directory:

tar xfz <archive-name>

Note: tar stores filenames "as is".  If you are in a directory, say 
/xyz/abc, and try this:

tar cfz mytarball.tgz def/qwerty/*

Then everything (incl. subdirs) in /xyz/abc/def/qwerty will be included 
in the archive, and extracting it as in:

% cd /lmnop
% tar xfz mytarball.tgz

will place those files into /lmnop/def/qwerty.  Similarly, doing this:

tar cvf mytarball.tgz /xyz/abc/def/qwerty/*

will archive the same files as the previous command, but now the same 
exact extraction command will place the files into /xyz/abc/def/querty, 
since absolute pathnames were used.

I think using tar in combination with gzip/gunzip yields better 
compression than zip/unzip, but I'd have to check again to be sure.

Note that the "z" (compress with gzip) option is not available with the 
versions of tar which ship with many commercial *NIXes; for these 
platforms you would compress/archive with:

tar cf - <source-file(s)> | gzip -c > <archive-name>

Note that the "stray" greater-than sign in this line is to redirect 
output and should be included (the paired < and > symbols should not be 
typed, obviously).  So like this:

tar cf - def/querty/* | gzip -c > mytarball.tgz

And to decompress/extract:

gzip -c mytarball.tgz | tar xf -

On Dec 14, 2004, at 2:04 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

> On Dec 14, 2004, at 11:10 AM, Trevor DeVore wrote:
>> ditto -x -k test
> Is ditto on 10.1?
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