parsing comments in scripts

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Mon Dec 13 15:30:02 EST 2004

sez jacque at>:
>On 12/13/04 10:15 AM, Dar Scott wrote:
>> I would guess that HyperTalk did not have local, global or constant at
>> the script level (outside of handlers), so there may not have been an
>> issue.
>Exactly right, so the issue never arose. I do understand the problem you
>bring up. It may be that us old-timers have to evolve.
   I think I see a possible solution. What if, whenever a user comments out 
the "on HandlerName" or "function FcnName" line of a handler, the engine 
automatically comments out the *entire* handler, down to and including the "end 
[name of handler]" line at the end? Obviously, *un*commenting the "[functi]on 
HandlerName" line should uncomment the entire handler.
   This way, not only can old-time HCers do what they've always done and get 
the same practical results, but it's a convenient shortcut for 
dyed-in-the-wool Rev'ers. Yes? No?

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