Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Dec 12 10:07:33 EST 2004

At 13:19 12/12/2004 +0000, Bob Hartley wrote:

>Hi All
>I've yet again been trawling the google search for a hint on a runrev 
>topic (I cant get it in the video tutorials at the moment because I have 
>not bought the video tutorials yet, only just bought studio).

I thought the video tutorials came as part of any license - though I must 
admit I've not tried to look at them (dial-up at 28.8 makes that am 
unappealing prospect :-)

>Anyway. I develop for palmOS and the IDE I use is supported via a BBS.
>Is there any chance of this thing being used instead of a list. I think it 
>is far superior.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like a traditional mailing list like this one. 
As long as it has good search tools (Mark's one already mentioned - I don't 
have a URL for it, sorry; or Google - ),  the main 
thing that matters is the responsiveness and helpfulness of the other 
people on the list/forum.

I haven't seen many lists or forums as fast and as thorough as this one in 
giving replies. Occasionally an email falls through the cracks - but 
repeating the request, maybe from a different angle, is usually all it 
takes to fix that.

So - what's your question Bob ?

-- Alex.

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