Arrays in Rev

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Fri Dec 10 00:43:19 EST 2004

you can't put an array into another

put array["object"] into array["parent"] will move the data from object to

what you can do is an intermediary data formet which you can split/merge
later into an array.

 so if an array is converted into data, you can stick into an array and
later convert it back into data. 

There is already a bugzilla request for array embedding... 


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> Dear Revolutionaries
> Can an element of a rev array be another array?
> If not, is there any way to achieve the effect of nesting 
> arrays - OR if not, is there some way to create new container 
> types (like the structures and unions typical in C and 
> Pascal). Basically - how do I create complex organized 
> containers (objects) to hold my data?
> Best
> Gordon
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