Database Question from Newbie

John Miller johnmiller1950 at
Thu Dec 9 07:56:24 EST 2004


Thanks for your quick response.

First: I had a typo in my question. I am indeed using the form  
"C:/WINDOWS/system32". Sorry about the confusion.

I am using an OBDC driver provided by the vendor of our accounting 
software. It is my understanding that when you use ODBC, you have to 
use a specialized driver for the software you are using. Is this not 

You ask what type of database. I'm not sure. We have always used ODBC 
to create specialized reports within Excel. I don't have a clue about 
the actual database type. It hasn't been necessary for me to know. I 
have used Windows XP's  "Data Sources (ODBC)" control panel to set up 
my DNS, and like I say in my post, I use this all the time to access 
our databases.

John Miller

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