Fwd: CrossPlatform Usability and Text Formatting

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Dec 3 22:35:02 EST 2004

Anna Shn wrote:

 > I created a Revolution-Dreamcard standalone
 > application. I chose OS10 and Windows in the
 > Standalone Application Settings but, when I go to a PC
 > and open "immunology.exe", I lose all of the text
 > [size, style, font, etc] formatting I prepared in the
 > OS10 editing version. How can I make an application
 > which is truly cross-platform? Is there any way to
 > preserve the text formatting when I go to Windows
 > [I already tried changing all the font to Times
 > New Roman, which solved the problem of style but
 > since Times in Windows is slightly different than
 > in OS10, the text was shifted when I tried to run
 > the standalone application on a PC]?

Welcome to cross-platform computing.

If you think making cross-platform software is hard, try making web 
sites that look even remotely related across platforms. ;)

Windows and OS X use very different mechanisms and for the most part 
different font definitions to render text on screen.   Since most of my 
apps are production tools I tend to prefer having different fonts on 
each platform, adhering to the HIGs for each where practical, but I 
understand that for multimedia and other specialized applications it can 
sometimes be desirable to try to get the same look on both systems.

There was a thread here a couple weeks ago on this -- anyone have the 
time to put that into the FAQ?

 > As a separate question, how it is possible to use HTML
 > within a field. Can I do something like "Hello!
 > my name is Anna? Where Hello is bold and Anna
 > is italicized within a single field?

set the htmlText of fld 1 to "<b>Hello</b>! My name is"\

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