"select text of" won't select text but Rev docs says it does. (was openField....)

runrev at jkvaldez.com runrev at jkvaldez.com
Fri Dec 3 21:23:27 EST 2004

Sorry to resubmit this topic, but the subject I had used earlier is
misleading. This should make the problem more clear.

The built-in rev dictionary (located in Help: Objects > Field > Message >
openField) says you can select the entire text in a field by:

on openField -- when clicking in the field, select all its text
  select text of the target
end openField

This doesn't work for me. Create a new stack, drag out a scrolling text
field, enter the above handler/script. It works only if I tab into the
fld. But if I click it, I can see it briefly hilite the text but then it
immediately sets the insertion point where I clicked--so no text is

I'm using OSX 10.3, rev 2.5. I didn't see anything in bugzilla or posted
in the list. Anyone experiencing this?

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