Pointer tool not working

Sarah sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Thu Oct 30 17:03:58 EST 2003

What mode is the stack set to? It sounds as if it is either modeless or 
palette, in which case you can't edit it. This is useful for a Launcher 
stack as it means it is usable even when you are in edit mode, but you 
will have to do something different to edit the Launcher itself.

Try right-clicking to bring up the contextual menu and setting the mode 
to top level so you can edit, then set it back. Alternatively, do all 
your editing via the Application Browser and then save from there.


On Thursday, October 30, 2003, at 03:17  pm, JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au 

> I recently created a stack ("Launcher.rev") to act like HyperCard's 
> Home
> stack. It works OK, but just then, when I went to edit a button, I
> discovered that the pointer tool wasn't working. When I choose the 
> pointer
> tool (either from the palette or the Tools menu) and click on the 
> button,
> instead of selecting it, it CLICKS it (as though the browse tool is
> active).
> This only happens with this one stack (so far). I can still select 
> objects
> by choosing "Card [or Stack] Inspector" from the Object menu and then
> finding the object I want from the Selection pop-up menu, or by using 
> the
> Application Browser, but why can't I select them directly?
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> Art Gallery of New South Wales
> Sydney, Australia
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