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WIlliam Griffin bill at igame3d.com
Thu Oct 30 00:45:15 EST 2003

Hello Rev-List Readers,
Tobias Opfermann and I would like to share with you some of our hard 
First the blood and sweat of many months labor, iGame3D, a 3D game 
development program using a custom OpenGL external in Revolution, for 
Mac and PC can now be downloaded:
Mac Version: http://www.igame3d.com/beta/iGame3D_b102903.sit
Windows Version: http://www.igame3d.com/beta/iGame3Db102903.zip

You will find a number of demo levels under the "Levels" menu, 
Extensive scripting help under the help menu, and some in progress 
Interface help by typing help into the console. The included read me 
will help with the various keyboard controls.  Complete help is next on 
the to do list.

iGame3D is free to use and share (see the license in read me)
We intend to market the external very soon so please email us with your 
interest and questions
about using 3D in your very own Revolution products.

We also have another item for you today, FMODforRev external and a 
starter stack:
Mac Version: http://www.igame3d.com/FMODforRev.sit
PC Version: http://www.igame3d.com/FMODforRev.zip

Fmod is a music library that is free to use in freeware products, and 
costs varying amounts of money for other shareware and commercial uses. 
http://www.fmod.org/ has more info on that.

The stack you can download now will allow you to load  a folder of 
sounds and play them
as a play list. FMOD can also play music from URL's, but we leave that 
to you to build your own stack for. The external commands are fairly 
simple to access. One benefit of the FMOD external is that you don't 
have to install Quicktime on a PC.
If you have further questions please email us.

We are eager to receive your comments.

Bill Griffin & Tobias Opfermann
info at igame3d.com

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