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Scott Rossi wrote:

> On 10/29/03 8:48 PM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:
>>> I am running into a very basic problem: None of my
>>> scripts execute. For example, I have this script in card 2
>>> on closecard
>>> global name, age, education, occupation, gender, handedness, marital
>>> put fld "name" into name
>> Another benefit to the "Hungarian-lite" notation described in this week's
>> Handy Handlers column at
>> <> is that it greatly
>> reduces the potential for having variable names that are reserved words.
> At the risk of contradicting Richard's advice and useful style guide on his
> site, you might try prepending your object names with an underscore (ie
> field _name).  I use this technique in my scripts and this prevents any
> confusion with reserved words.  Some folks have complained that use of the
> underscore prevents you from selecting the entire name by doubleclicking in
> the script editor, but I find this to be a minor inconvenience (especially
> since you don't need to change the underscore itself when editing the name,
> for example).

A single character is a single character.  It could be anything that helps
prevent name-space conflicts.  The "g" has an additional value as a
mnemonic; "g" means "global", and it lets you use other chars for other
types (e.g., "p" for "parameter").

If you use an underscore for globals, what do you use for other types?

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