Panther Install Question

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 29 14:02:32 EST 2003

On Oct 29, 2003, at 11:56 AM, Dave Cragg wrote:
> While I agree it's normally proper for an app to store its preferences 
> in another place, there's a good case for Rev doing it the way it 
> does. It allows keeping multiple copies of Rev on the machine, each 
> with its own set of prefs. This is useful when you need to keep 
> different versions when maintaining old projects.

Yep and I guess that's the only thing useful about it. Other than that, 
the current setup breaks when administrator privileges are required, 
and every time a new version of Revolution comes out, we have to 
re-enter all of our preferences. FWIW I bugzilla'd this 
where-the-preferences-are-stored issue, a while back.

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