Cross Platform build - my second build

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Thu Oct 30 01:01:58 EST 2003

Hey all,

Well, I cleaned up all of my extra groups and button borders etc. and 
rebuilt the Win/OSX/Classic apps.

1. A couple of animated text fields do not keep their fonts. I changed 
them and did the build and it looks like they switched back. I used the 
same font as in other non-animated fields but they are OK.

2. mpeg movies work fine in REV. They work fine in WindowsXP and 2000. 
BUT they do not work in OSX build.

3. Classic Fat Build does not work at all now. I didn't change anything 
in the Build Standalone settings. It did work last time I built.

That's it, I'm getting closer.

Thanks Tom

Thomas J McGrath III
Advanced Media Group

220 Drake Rd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102
3mcgrath at

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