Sarah sarahr at
Wed Oct 29 23:22:44 EST 2003

Hi Jan,

Great introduction to the Report Builder stuff. I was able to get a 
report stack working fine, but I wasn't able to work out how to do 
labels i.e. more than one card per page. Even more annoyingly, Report 
Builder's Print button just prints instantly with no print dialog. When 
using OS X, I always print all my testing to PDF - saves a LOT of 
paper, so I was not pleased when my label test produced multiple pages 

Anyway, I didn't mean to rant at you after your helpful email, but I 
need further hlp before i can produce labels.


> The Report Builder seems a mistery to quite a few
> people. Here's what I found out :
snipped - really good introduction to Report Builder by Jan Schenkel

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