Cross Platform Build - my first

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Oct 29 17:18:24 EST 2003

Hello All, I hope everyone is doing fine.

I have been building a standalone for CD distribution at my company. It 
is a project that uses content from Powerpoint and I have been 
exporting PPT as PNG and referencing them on each slide. I can then 
update/correct them in PPT and auto replace them in REV. In Rev I built 
the Visual effects and invisible buttons to do the links etc. I also 
have two large mpegs and 18 or so voiceover .wav files referenced in 
the app.

My problems so far:
1. Built for 3 platforms resulting in 3 apps that share the same media 
(in a 'media' folder in the samefolder as app) but REV outputs to three 
separate folders with three separate 'Data' folders. So I copied the 
contents of each 'Data' folder to a new 'Data' folder at the root of 
the CD. I copied the media folder to the root of the CD as well since 
they all share it's content.
	a. WindowsXP works fine in Virtual PC but audio is choppy. - links are 
	b. Windows 2000 works slower but fine in Virtual PC but audio is 
choppy. - links are ok
	b. OSX works fine and audio seems ok - links are ok
	c. OS Classic does not load mpegs or audio or png images as referenced 
- links are NOT ok
Classic seems to have lost the reference path yet I built them all at 
once so nothing changed on my end. Any ideas???

2. Both Macintosh builds looks great as expected. Both Windows builds 
look terrible.
	a. light blue card background shows up in some fields and not others - 
did not show up in original rev app
	b. parts of actual light blue background show up as white.
	c. parts of white area(should not even be there) actually cover up 
background text fields in background.
	d. buttons look awful. The three dimensional effect in Mac OSX in REV 
are lost and buttons lose borders so they appear to bleed into 
	e. fields look awful. The edges have lost their borders
	d. text with effects have lost their styles completely - size, font 

What settings in Build should I use for best cross platform support?
What font should I use? - Can a font be included with build? (like 
How can I make "NICE" looking buttons and fields that will look good on 
all platforms?(with out recreating from scratch)
Did I do right by combining the Data folder and moving to root of CD?
How can I get media folder to be at root and still be shared by all 
three apps?

Thanks guys, I know I'm new and have only been doing this for two weeks 
in REV. I must be insane to take on a rush project with new software to 
learn, but I used HC and SC plus Director for years so the learning 
curve is not too bad. Actually I think I've done ok considering.

Your help is appreciated.


Thomas J McGrath III
Advanced Media Group

220 Drake Rd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102
3mcgrath at

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