Command Option

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Tue Oct 28 09:50:46 EST 2003

>Sannyasin wrote:
>This never worked consistently from day one... still broken here, not
>completely, sometime it does, sometimes it doesn't I can't get the
>recipe either. A nuisance of one who used SuperCard for years and
>really depended on this as a tool.  Also, I can never quite get
>comfortable with cmd-0 cmd-9 as the switcher between pointer and
>browser tools.  It would be cool to be able to have hot keys, like in
>all Adobe apps where if  you are not in the text tool then any key on
>the key board becomes a hot tool key.

Hi Sannyasis,

I have also experienced problems with command-option. I found that a 
"Reset preferences to default" often solves the problem--even though 
you may have have the command-option selected.

The only problem with this is that you also lose your "Open recent 
files" list. I have suggested on the feature request list that the 
list of recent files not be scrapped with the reset and received a 
favorable reply.

By the way, speaking of feature requests, does any know if the 
ability to export vector graphics (as in Super Card) is on the 
feature list? There was some talk of this a while back.


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