script locals and script inheritance

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 29 15:00:06 EST 2003

I need to make some changes (borderColor, showLines) to revPrintText 
which is in btn "revPrintBack" of stack "revLibrary". At first it seems 
easy: just make my version of revPrintText in the script of my print 
button. This version of revPrintText appears before the builtin 
version, and so it gets executed. However, revPrintText and the other 
builtin printing commands make use of a lot of script local variables. 
So my version of revPrintText doesn't see the script local variables in 
the revPrintBack button's script.

What I have to do then is copy all of the scripts in revPrintBack and 
put them into my button (or in a library stack or somewhere). This is 
overkill and will be harder to maintain when Rev libraries are updated.

I need to just "override" the revPrintText command, but have it run in 
the context of the current revPrintText command. Any workarounds?

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