answer file of type "JPEG"

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Oct 5 05:11:01 EDT 2003

Hi listers,

has anyone successfully used e.g.:

answer file "yadda" of type "JPEG"

on OS X?

Does not work, not ALL jpgs are shown in the open-dialog...
Some are dimmed...
Looks like the ones (coming from win or a digital camera!) without a 
"filetype" are dimmed.
Their last item is empty in the "long files"...

Is it a bug?
Is it already bugzilla'd?
Are there (not too ugly ;-) workarounds?

I reported this yesterday:
[Bug 762] result is empty when setting the filename of an image to a 
non-image file!

So checking the result does not work in this context/case...

Thanks in advance...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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