Panther Install Question

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Wed Oct 29 13:56:09 EST 2003

At 8:19 am -0700 29/10/03, Alex Rice wrote:
>On Oct 28, 2003, at 4:48 PM, Brian Maher wrote:
>>  Obviously, I did not set the permissions as well as I thought I
>>did.  Can anyone give me the correct way to do this?
>Sounds like you did it correctly, but if you want to do it a
>different way, try this from the Terminal (as an admin user)
>chown -R brian:admin /Applications/Revolution\ 2.1.1/
>The main problem (not just on panther) is that Revolution stores all
>it's preferences and settings in the applications folder. It should
>store them in the Preferences or Application Support folder for the
>user running the app.

While I agree it's normally proper for an app to store its 
preferences in another place, there's a good case for Rev doing it 
the way it does. It allows keeping multiple copies of Rev on the 
machine, each with its own set of prefs. This is useful when you need 
to keep different versions when maintaining old projects.

An easier approach to Brian's problem would be to just put the Rev 
folder in the User area for the account that he uses for development. 
(I'm assuming the original problem occurred because it was placed in 
the system-wide Application folder.)


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