Scripting PDF files

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Oct 29 01:40:56 EST 2003

Here's a way from our friends over at the SuperCard list (modified for
Rev use, of course)... seems to work for text files and images (watch
the line breaks):

on mouseUp
  answer file "Select a file:"
  if it <> "" then
    put it into tSrcPath
    put tPath & ".pdf" into tDestPath
    put "/System/Library/Printers/Libraries/convert" into tConvertApp
    get shell(tConvertApp && "-f" && tSrcPath && "-o" && tDestPath &&
"-j application/pdf 2>&1")
  end if
end mouseUp

If you check the results from the shell() it may have error messages in
it, but it seems to still create the PDF.

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> OS X has a "Save as PDF" option in the print dialog. Does 
> anyone know of 
> a way to automate this, so a script could save a printout as 
> a PDF? Or 
> is there any other way to create a PDF?
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