OSX Distribution issues

Graham Samuel livfoss at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 05:29:35 EST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 21:02:56 -0500, Thomas J McGrath III 
<3mcgrath at adelphia.net>
>MAC OSX 10.2.8 REV 2.1
>DB runs just fine here. cable modem download is acceptable and no
>crashes (knock on wood). I think that a service call is in order.
>On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 05:50 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
>>  Just a footnote to say that having trouble using the Distribution
>>  Builder on MacOS9.2.2, I switched to OSX (10.2.8) and things got
>>  worse. To start with, the OSX version of the DB wouldn't work with the
>>  config files that I'd saved in OS9. After that we got into many loops
>>  and frustrations, including saving the current config file over the
>>  original template, waiting forever to download the Windows engine (I
>>  have a cable modem with a fast permanent connection), crashes after
>>  the making of the distribution etc. I have managed to use it but it
>>  seems in a fairly delicate state to me. Maybe I should collect all
>>  this experience for bugzilla, unless someone else has done it already.
>  > How do other people find the DB?

Hmm - my mileage has certainly varied.

My setup is that I have a number of (logical) volumes on my machine 
and can boot up MacOS9.2.2 from one of them or OSX from another, and 
apps running in either OS can refer to the same files: this is 
particularly useful for RunRev testing. I had prepared a config file 
(say 'myAppConfig.rev') for a distribution using OS9 which contained 
a number of paths (to a mainstack file and to icons), and although 
the OSX version could open the file, it couldn't understand the 
paths. When I altered this file in situ in OSX so that all the paths 
and other info were renewed and then saved it, I still could not 
build the distribution, as DB kept telling me that the config.rev 
file was open and it would have to close it - but when I agreed to 
this, DB just sat there without reloading the file or acting on it. I 
then started with a clean slate and built a new config.rev file, 
saved it (over the template file since there was no warning). I could 
then build the distribution (I had loaded the Windows engine 
separately), but as far as I can remember, when I wanted to continue 
the development cycle, after dismissing the DB stack, RunRev crashed 
when I tried to load a stack of my own (I can't remember exactly the 
circumstances of the crash and will have to go back to check before 
bugzilla-ing or whatever).

Everything else on my OSX system seems rock solid, including the 
Internet connection, so I can't see that a service call (from an 
entirely mythical service engineer) would do anything...

I think anyone can see that there are rough edges in the DB - like 
the way it doesn't open in browse mode in OS9, or the way path 
displays fall off the bottom of the window, or the way it doesn't 
remember where your config file is on your system but reverts to RR's 
own home directory, or the way the flashing cursor is absent when you 
fill in the fields on the first page... it needs a tidy up, that's 
all. I am not advocating this above the fixing of more show-stopping 
bugs, but I would like it to look more professional and to be more 

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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