OT: Convert AIF to MP3

Gardner, Joseph A joe.gardner at nwa.com
Tue Oct 28 02:03:47 EST 2003

Just a suggestion as I have no way of testing it out right now, but have you tried driving Audion <www.panic.com/audion> with Applescript? There's an X version of Audion that should work under Panther and I'd imagine the scripts would be similar between iTunes and Audion.



> From: Sannyasin Sivakatirswami <katir at hindu.org>
> Subject: OT: Convert AIF to MP3
> Platform: Mac OS X, Panther:
> We used to use Media Cleaner to convert *.aif files to *.mp3 files. 
> Cleaner broke on OS X and we switched to using Applescript to drive 
> iTunes to do the same job, with iTunes already up and running, MP3 
> encoder selected with the conversion settings we needed. The 
> appleScripts were driven from inside a Rev stack that managed this one 
> among a series of production operations. Now, under Panther, the 
> appleScript and the latest version of iTunes is also broken...it used 
> to be simple: pass a file path to a variable and tell iTunes to convert 
> that file.  Now, nothing happens.
> I sat with our sound man today and watched him try to debug the script 
> using examples from some iTunes appleScript site... wow, talk about 
> convoluted! I'm really spoiled by xTalk... using iTunes for this seems 
> like using a tablesaw to sharpen a tooth pick... a small knife is 
> really all that is needed.
>   So, looking for "an easier way..." Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Sannyasin Sivakatirswami

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