How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Oct 27 16:04:51 EST 2003


Well, I was able to convert a file recorded in Rev (a QT file) to a Windows
Wave doc using 'SoundApp PPC'.

I couldn't play it back on my Mac version of MP, but I sent it to a friend
to try on his Win box under WMP. I'm waiting for his reply...I don't know if
he's home.

The main problem was that the doc was HUGE. About 6 seconds of sound took
1mb uncompressed. The same thing in a standard QT .mov file with _no_ rate
reduction or flattening is about 10k.

Can anyone explain what's going on? Maybe I should try again with reduced
rates and compression. Unfortunately SoundApp won't make WMP playable MP3's,
only Win WAVE.

Any other Mac-based sound conversion freebie apps I should know about (not
iTunes)? I'm sticking with OS 9.2.1 stuff on this stuff, just in case I can
get my hands on an old iMac that won't play OSX well.

Ken N.

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