connection disruption / revGoURL problems

Alex Rice alex at
Mon Oct 27 14:48:50 EST 2003

On Oct 24, 2003, at 8:40 PM, Dave wrote:
> It isn't 100% reproducible apparently, but almost (3 out of 4 times he 
> uses
> one of my stacks).
> What is the deal?? Is this a known problem? I searched the archives but
> couldn't find anything on it. Has it been fixed perhaps in more recent
> versions?
> Also, probably a related phenominon, revGoURL doesn't work reliably 
> either
> for him. Sometimes it does nothing, and sometimes it opens IE with a 
> blank
> URL. Sometimes it works. What gives?

Having done technical support for an Internet service provider for 
about 3-years during which modems went from 28.8Kbps to 56Kbps. I would 
say the deal is: do not panic. It's unlikely to under your control, at 
all. Modems are just pretty darn unreliable. Unless the user has a 
clean phone line AND a good modem AND it's configured correctly. There 
are any number of issues that can cause a modem to go bad and drop or 
freeze the connection.

If the user is on a modem, it's almost certainly a modem/dialup/ISP 
problem, not being caused by your app. If on the other hand if a 
majority of modem users report the same problems, then I would look at 
what could your app be doing. But I don't know what a Rev app could do 
to break a dialup connection. Unless the connection is bad to begin 
with, and the first real traffic over the link causes it to drop. Then 
it's out of your control also.

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