OSX Distribution issues

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Oct 27 11:20:04 EST 2003

Hi John,

> I have a new one -
> 10.2.8  Rev 2
> I have a stack that has a drop down stack/window that asks for name 
> and password. In working on it, I have been using the contextual menu 
> to click Toplevel in order to get to the main stack.
> I have several incremental versions of the stack as I've tweaked 
> things.
> Yesterday I decided to do a test build in OSX. The build went fine, 
> ran the standalone and entered the password. Program ran fine.
> But now all the versions of the stacks (none of them standalones) act 
> as if they have the password (no password stack dropping down). When I 
> go to the contextual menu, the Toplevel is checked, and I can't figure 
> out how to uncheck it. I can pick other options, but actually don't 
> want any of them check at this point.
> I can copy a version of the stack from another source, and it acts 
> tthe same way.
> Restarting Rev doesn't help. Restarting the computer doesn't help.
> So - what is happening that the password, entered in a standalone, is 
> affecting all the non-standalone versions on the computer? It feels 
> like it's affected the program, not the stack.

Are you sure that your stacks do not access the SAME password-stack?

Move the standalone folder to another place and see what happens...
Or did you save it in the prefs-folder or something else?

> John


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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