OSX Distribution issues

John Tenny jtenny at willamette.edu
Mon Oct 27 10:38:48 EST 2003

I have a new one -

10.2.8  Rev 2

I have a stack that has a drop down stack/window that asks for name and 
password. In working on it, I have been using the contextual menu to 
click Toplevel in order to get to the main stack.

I have several incremental versions of the stack as I've tweaked things.

Yesterday I decided to do a test build in OSX. The build went fine, ran 
the standalone and entered the password. Program ran fine.

But now all the versions of the stacks (none of them standalones) act 
as if they have the password (no password stack dropping down). When I 
go to the contextual menu, the Toplevel is checked, and I can't figure 
out how to uncheck it. I can pick other options, but actually don't 
want any of them check at this point.

I can copy a version of the stack from another source, and it acts tthe 
same way.

Restarting Rev doesn't help. Restarting the computer doesn't help.

So - what is happening that the password, entered in a standalone, is 
affecting all the non-standalone versions on the computer? It feels 
like it's affected the program, not the stack.


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