[ANN] PlayCommand Agent for Windows!

Jonathyn Bet'nct jonrelay at napanet.net
Sat Oct 25 19:23:22 EDT 2003

There was an outpouring of enthusiasm on this list when the Shakobox 
stack was ported to Revolution and you could finally play scripted 
music using its helper application, PlayCommand Agent. A few people 
over at the HyperCard Mailing List requested a Windows port, so here it 


It includes the application and the Read Me file.

I haven't done much testing on it, but it should work fine since the 
only thing I changed was how to talk to it.

There are two ways to talk to PlayCommand Agent. I haven't done much 
testing of this, so I don't know which way will work the best.

One way is from the command line:

PlayCmdAgent quit
PlayCmdAgent play musicbox 100 eq cq eq qr eq cq eq
PlayCmdAgent playstr musicbox eq cq eq qr eq cq eq tempo 100
PlayCmdAgent playnote musicbox 60 127

The syntax is:

PlayCmdAgent quit
PlayCmdAgent play <instrument> <tempo> <notes>
PlayCmdAgent playstr <string>
PlayCmdAgent playnote <instrument> <pitch> <velocity>

The other way is to write one of these commands to a text file in 
C:\WINDOWS\ called PLAYCMD.EVT. As soon as the file is readable and 
nonempty, the command will be picked up and the file will be deleted 

If you have any questions, please send them to jonrelay at napanet.net and 
put [HCC] in the subject line. I am not subscribed to this list so I 
won't see any responses made on this list.

Hasta la pasta,
Jonathyn Bet'nct

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