Groups and Checkboxes

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Oct 22 14:32:27 EDT 2003

> Is it possible to check the status of all the checkboxes 
> (regardless of 
> group)? Since group is not a container I can't figure out how cycle 
> through the right number of checkboxes....without running 
> into my other 
> buttons on the card.


on mouseUp
  repeat with x = 1 to the number of btns of group "myGroup"
    put the hilite of btn x of group "myGroup" into btnStatus
    -- etc.
  end repeat
end mouseUp

> Also, is it possible to have the status of checkboxes in a group in a 
> substack be reflected into the same group in the mainstack?

Yes, but not automatically; you'd could do something like piggy-back on
the code above to retrieve the status of the checkboxes in the substack
to set them in the mainstack. You can also use custom properties or
globals, but nothing automatic.

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