Rev & Panther problems

sims sims at
Mon Oct 27 05:12:44 EST 2003

>After I installed Mac OS X 10.3, I cannot type some accented characters
>(é, è, etc.) in Revolution 2.1.1.
>It was working fine before, and it still works in all other applications
>(Mail, TextEdit, AppleWorks, etc.).

I do not have Panther yet...but received the following from a customer
who updated to Panther - the app he writes about had no issues on 10.2.8

>the program does not allow the key combinations option-u-letter to 
>make an "Umlaut" like ä, ö, ü nor the key combination of 
>option-letter to make ç or ß etc. One can write these in a word 
>processor and then copy  them to your program but that is an awkward 
>way of doing things. These key combinations are built into the OS.

Not good.


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