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I purchased two AT&T voice fonts when they first came out. A developer
special for around $150 each. I don't think the sell them anymore. I'm not
sure what AT&T wants to do with them...but, they are great. Most agree they
have the best voices overall.

Good point about how difficult it is to work within the system. I believe
there are also some other voice fonts available for the PC, but I quit
keeping up with it since RR quit working with them.



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> I don't think so. I tried them on both platforms and thought they were the
> same. Maybe your Win box is hooked up to a better sound system.
> There are two other important items to consider:
> 1) It's not the platform in this case, but the AT&T voice engine that does
> the work. It's a great voice engine, no doubt about that.
> 2) That engine doesn't come with the Windows operating system. Should I
> expect my potential clients to have to purchase extra software for a chunk
> of $$?
> ===========
> NOTE: I actually can't find a price for AT&T Natural Voices. WIZARD is the
> site AT&T touts as a dealer, but there aren't any prices I could find.
> Apparently they expect you to buy voice fonts and the SDK without knowing
> what they cost. If anyone has another purchase site, please let me know
> (offlist if you like).
> ===========
> See what I mean? What should I say? I'm sorry, you can't use this
> unless you
> BUY AT&T Natural Voices for Windows....?
> Believe me, that won't go over well. OTOH, the Mac's built-in voices are
> plenty good enough to use for our purposes.
> If Windows came with voices of AT&T quality, along with a few
> other things,
> I might seriously think about changing my own personal
> development platform
> some day, but that ain't how it is. I just wish it came with
> something more
> than it has, is all. Windows XP isn't that cheap, and the newest SAPI
> apparently broke the revSpeak function.
> 'Course we still have yet to find out what might be broken on the
> Mac under
> Panther, eh?
> Ken N.
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