newsgroup vs. mailing list

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Oct 27 03:35:17 EST 2003

That threading feature has been in earlier versions of Eudora as 
well. Just option-click on any subject in the list and Eudora groups 
all emails in that thread. The only problem is that some people 
insist on changing the subject as the thread goes on :(

>The new Eudora 6.0 now has threading and a killer spam catcher. 
>Cross platform.
>>Back in July there was a discussion about starting a newgroup- and 
>>some people argued that newsreaders can display message threads 
>>better than mail readers. My response was - well get a mail reader 
>>program that doesn't suck :-) Now in Mac OS 10.3 (Cheetah), 
>> 1.3 has message threading view! Woohoo! View menu / 
>>Organize By Thread.
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