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Alex Rice alex at
Sun Oct 26 12:39:45 EST 2003

On Oct 26, 2003, at 10:36 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 10/26/03 11:05 AM, Alex Rice wrote:
>> So the two bugs I see are:
>> 1) All rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
>> property in their Info.plist (making them document centric when they 
>> are probably not intended to be)
> This one doesn't strike me as a bug. I susupect lots of developers 
> want their standalones to recognize other stacks. I think it would be 
> the developer's responsibility to change the plist if this isn't the 
> behavior you want.

OK then why does the Distribution builder have fields for document type 
and document icon? Distribution builder ignores it?

> One other glitch I hit the other day. On Windows, the ".rar" extention 
> is a compression format, and a utility to decompress .rar files binds 
> all .rar files to itself. One of the document types for the .rar 
> extractor is ".rev" (used for "revised" compressed files.) Lately 
> Windows thinks all my stacks are compressed documents.
> This may be something to watch for if a Windows user says, "I can't 
> open your stacks."

Thanks for the tip

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