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Sun Oct 26 12:36:12 EST 2003

On 10/26/03 11:05 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

> So the two bugs I see are:
> 1) All rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
> property in their Info.plist (making them document centric when they are 
> probably not intended to be)

This one doesn't strike me as a bug. I susupect lots of developers want 
their standalones to recognize other stacks. I think it would be the 
developer's responsibility to change the plist if this isn't the 
behavior you want.

> 2) The Open stack dialog greys out .rev stacks that are (presumably) 
> missing the MacOS creator code. This is a bug because 
> declares in it's Info.plist that it will use .rev file extensions for 
> it's document type. Declared in the property CFBundleDocumentTypes. So 
> it's declaring it will use file extensions as a document type, but in 
> reality only uses the MacOS creator code. To be correct it should use 
> both file extensions AND creator codes. Or just drop the creator codes 
> support except on MacOS classic.

To be fair, I've seen this in other apps and document types. I wish the 
Finder would do some translations for us in file dialogs.

One other glitch I hit the other day. On Windows, the ".rar" extention 
is a compression format, and a utility to decompress .rar files binds 
all .rar files to itself. One of the document types for the .rar 
extractor is ".rev" (used for "revised" compressed files.) Lately 
Windows thinks all my stacks are compressed documents.

This may be something to watch for if a Windows user says, "I can't open 
your stacks."

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