Windows sound and music--help!

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Oct 24 10:07:19 EDT 2003

> there seems to be no way to control the volume of a
> player when there is no QuickTime installed? (The player seems to
> ignore its playloudness setting.)

I've found this to be the case as well.

> So it seems that it will play the
> music at the current Windows system volume setting. (The sounds
> played directly with play command can be controlled nicely with
> global playloudness setting.)

Seems that's about all you can do.

> This seems to raise the possibility that the user may find the music
> blasting them out when they start up the program. It seems that I
> would have to have music turned off by default in order to avoid
> this, allowing them a chance to adjust volume first, and even then I
> don't think the trouble of having to adjust system volume will give a
> good impression.

Do you typically have to lower the volume when you start the game?  If not,
then there should be no reason to do so when QT is not installed because the
user probably already has their sound volume set accordingly.

> I'm hoping to find a solution for adjusting the player volume or the
> system volume.

You already know how to control the system volume -- adjust the global
playLoudness property.  One thing you should do to be polite is store the
system volume at startup so you can return it to "normal" when the game

The bottom line is though, messing with the system volume to manage sound is
a hacked way to go.  Rev really needs to overhaul its sound capabilities.


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