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Fri Oct 24 08:43:25 EDT 2003

Hello Igor,

Two years ago, i had, one hand, to develop, maintain and update
Metacard-based applications servers running under Linux x86 and, second
hand, two development laptops to do the job. The both laptop were
running Suse-Linux 7.3 Pro, one on a Compaq x86 notebook, one under an
IBook2. It was, at this time no difference for me : i was using MC 2.32
Linux x86 and Linux PPC as if it was only one unique Linux platform...

Today, my Ibooks are still dual booting under YellowDog3 and OSX but
there is no a Rev's 2.1 Linux PPC issue available... I'm still using
Linux x86 in both the production and development tasks even if i'm on
the way to switch my Linux development to OSX, just because RunRev seems
no more interested in letting us developp under the Linux PPC platform.

I think, for my own, that's an error, but it's so ;->

Le ven 24/10/2003 à 05:16, Igor Couto a écrit :
> Someone just recently was mentioning that perhaps the Rev folks had 
> dropped support for Linux on PPC (Mandrake/YellowDog)? I was wondering 
> whether that *IS* a known fact, or whether the RunRev folks have just 
> been so busy with the upcoming version of Revolution that they haven't 
> had a chance to do a compilation with the 2.x engine for Linux PPC...
> I'm asking because my partner and I would love to develop some apps for 
> the Linux market. I have a spare HD in my main machine (Mac), and was 
> thinking of installing YellowDog - to use it as a development/testing 
> platform for the Linux versions. However, if Rev does not run there, 
> then there would not be much point, would it?
> Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!
> Kindest Regards,
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> Igor de Oliveira Couto
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