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On Montag, Okt 20, 2003, at 03:50 Europe/Vienna, Andre Garzia wrote:

> On Sunday, October 19, 2003, at 10:17  AM, Wolfgang M.Bereuter wrote:
>> Does here anybody know a crossplatform Bookmark-manger (idea: to have 
>> it on a USB stick and use it on 3 systems import and export hassfree 
>> from one OIS to another) If this does really not exist, wouldnt that 
>> be an idea for a rev Shareware tool...?

> Build one! Use XML or Rev stacks for storage, create simple executable 
> stubs to launch your stacks in every compilable platform and there you 
> go! a nice shareware!
Hahaha... good joke!
I need all the time understandign and learning how I - as an UI 
Developer - can use rev as a multimedia authoring tool (what it not 
really is). I m not a scripter, so I dont need another reason to 
struggle with rev...=;o)

There is so much to do in my own project esp. with my gratis Linux 
Versions... If I remember well Lula said that Brasil will change to 
Linux... Bravo!! Another big market...
If you are interested in my project "internet for beginners" (the most 
brainfriendly learning tool in the world based ona simple click) send 
me a note off line. Translating to different languages thats the only 
thing I have to do now. (only german is ready)

(do you say so? remembering some short visits to Portugal)

one more thing: your server project sounds interesting, but can you 
give me an idea for what I could use it?

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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