Image Location Problem

RH herbstzu at
Mon Oct 20 11:33:03 EDT 2003

I'm loading a list of files from a folder. Once I have the list I 
iterate over the list and place the images into a scrolling group.
However the first image always defies my "set the location" line. 
Example included:

myimage1 ends up at 76,30
myimage2 ends up at 100,200
myimage3 ends up at 100,300
myimage4 ends up at 100,400
etc etc.....

The groups rectangle on the card is 0,10,732,348
I'm fairly a newbie so I'm not sure why this is happening...code below. 
myvara is just the number of files returned from the selected 
directory. I do get 5 image objects myimage1....5 in the group where I 
want them to be.

repeat with x = 1 to myvara
create image "myimage" & x in group "large_group"
put "myimage" & x into newName
set the location of image newName to 100,100*x
end repeat



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