closefield-message lost

bleekerj at bleekerj at
Tue Oct 21 03:19:30 EDT 2003

> Hello list,
> in my current projekt there are two questions (Mac OSX, RR 2.1):
> 1) To save changed data in a stack, there is a ToBeSaved-Flag, which
> gets set, if the contents of a field is changed.
> Therefore each field has a closefield-handler, which sets the
> ToBeSaved-Flag.
> My problem: If I click the close-button immediatly after changing a
> field, there is no closefield-message. What to do?


the closefield-message got 'damaged' in v2 See bug #302: no
closeField message sent after clicking a button.
You have to wait for a new release :-(

Jan Bleeker

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