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Thanks for this. So it is the "to the right of fld 2" that will give me 
my scale function. I was aware of the size part but I was stumped by 
the idea of scaling to an unknown size while at the same time keeping a 

On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 06:04 PM, 
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> Fortunately a resizeStack handler is usually easy enough to write, 
> though it
> can get tedious if you have a lot of objects.  But with two fields 
> it's a
> snap.
> The resizeStack message is accompanied by two arguments which describe 
> the
> new width and height of the stack.  Here these are used to place two 
> fields,
> with a 20-pixel gap between the edge of the field and the windows and a
> 12-pixel gap between the twp fields (of course, alter as needed for 
> whatever
> gaps you want):
> on resizeStack x,y
>    -- Left field resizes vertically:
>    set the rect of fld 1 to 20, 20, 250, y-20
>    -- Right field resizes horizontally:
>    set the rect of fld 2 to \
>         the right of fld 1+12, 20, x-20, the bottom of fld 2
>    -- Pass the message in case anything downstream needs it:
>    pass resizeStack
> end resizestack

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