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Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sun Oct 19 15:53:33 EDT 2003

Le dim 19/10/2003 à 18:39, Andre Garzia a écrit :
> Hi Folks,
> I am very very very very pleased to announce for immediate release the 
> Revolution HTTPd Project. It's a simple httpd server based on Metacard 
> HTTPd stack. It can serve files from a local folder and it can do lot's 
> of stunts with substacks!!!! Yes thats dynamic content for you. I 
> borrowed (or invented I don't know) a concept of transportation, 
> meaning when a user call a file from the server, it checks if theres a 
> substack with the same name, if it does have one, then it checks what 
> was the desired output format (this time it's XML or HTML) then it 
> pipes the result from the stack to the user.
> It's very cool and you must see to understand. I created a webpage for 
> this project its located at
> there you can get all your infos and the first release. It's all public 
> domain with source. The current substacks (they act like CGI apps) are:
> 	Quotes - It's a quote of the day app, when requested as Quotes.html it 
> will render a nice html, if requested as Quotes.xml it will render a 
> simple to parse xml.
> 	Status - It shows some status info like open sockets and open stacks, 
> when asked as Status.html it renders a nice HTML, the XML option will 
> redirect you to a nice error page telling that this substack does not 
> like XML.
> It's also possible to make HTTPd stack present itself by calling 
> http://localhost:8080/httpd.html, it will echo the http request, this 
> is usefull for debuging.  It's a very fun project, take your time to 
> explore the site, there I explain how it's all done, also feel free to 
> send me mail at soapdog at I'll leave the HTTPd stack running at 
> home so if anyone want to try it (don't know if my ISP firewall will 
> allow the connection) can point their browsers to 
> The direct download link is
> PS: I've got a paypal account under agarzia at if anyone want to 
> support this project.
> Cheers and serve the developer.
> Andre Alves Garzia  2003  BRAZIL
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Hi Andre,

Congratulations and thanks for doing this great project available to us.
I'm sure i have to learn about it before asking about its
functionnalities but..., i have a first question indeed : does REv HTTPd
support the "POST" method, along the "GET" one ?
Thanks again and Kind Regards, Pierre Sahores

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